5 Top Tips to Get Your CV Noticed

You have 7 seconds to make a first impression, but before you can wow your future employer, you need to get the interview.

Your resume is the key to getting seen and you only have 2.8 seconds to grab the Hiring Manager’s attention.

To stand out amongst the crowd, you must make sure your resume highlights your skills and experience on the front page, and is free from errors.

Here are 5 top tips to getting noticed for the right reasons.

1. Don’t send a “CV”

Hospitality Hiring Managers receive dozens of resumes every day. When you send yours, save the file as ‘your name – job you are applying for’ so it can be easily identified. This also makes life easier for the Hiring Manager so scores you brownie points from the start!

2. Proof read, proof read, and proof read again

While you won’t get higher marks for getting your spelling and grammar correct, you will lose a lot by getting it wrong. Bad grammar and spelling mistakes tells a Hiring Manager that you don’t care enough to check something properly, and that your attention to detail is poor. If you’re writing in word, use the text to speech function to listen to your words – mistakes are often easier to spot when you hear them.

3. Experience First

A Hiring Manager wants to find out if you have the experience they are looking for and if you are capable of carrying out the job. Give them that information up front in a summary on the first page. Don’t frustrate them with a game of hide and seek. Format your resume so it’s easy to read; personal details, summary of experience and selling points, then a chronological list of experience, followed by skills and achievements.

4. Responsible For

Hospitality Hiring Managers want to see specific information quickly; what exactly did you do, what were your responsibilities, how many people were you leading? Try to steer clear of generic duties and clichés, use facts and quantitative figures instead.

5. Don’t apply for roles you aren’t qualified for

If you are applying for a role in the Hospitality Industry, it is likely you will need the relevant qualification and experience. Check the job description; do you meet the required skills and experience. Don’t waste the Hiring Manager’s time by applying if you’re not what they are looking for. If you don’t have the necessary qualifications, why not look at further training and improve your prospects.

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